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Congratulations! Your baby has passed the newborn stage and is ready to work on important movements like sitting up and crawling. To make this as safe as possible, you may want to invest in a soft, yet beautiful, play mat for your little one.

The traditional colorful foam puzzle mat is the first option most people think of. They are cheap and easy to buy. However, after a couple of uses, most parents realize that the mats are too thin to protect their babies from falling over safely. Then, as the babies get stronger, they can lift up the large puzzle pieces and chew on them.

Your concern at this point is about the materials that the manufacturers used to make the foam.  Are they non-toxic? Do they contain harmful chemicals like PVC, Phthalate, lead, or latex? Are there any companies that manufacture their play mats with more cushions to protect babies from bumps and falls? 

The good news is that there are chemical-free mats to keep your baby safe, and they will last many years. 

Investing in a non-toxic, organic play mat is always wise because your children will be using it for a good two to five years. You will be surprised by how much time they spend on the play space while playing, crawling, toppling, tumbling, rolling, or simply relaxing. 

In this post, we’ll highlight some of our favorite organic and all-natural play mats that are not only safe but also durable to follow your baby from infancy to toddlerhood.

  1. Nook Lilypad/LilyPad2 Play Mat

Nook was first known for its Pebble baby crib mattress made from completely organic, hypoallergenic, and chemical-free materials. The company later introduced other products dedicated to baby and family daily use such as changing pads, play mats, pillows, and loungers.

The LilyPad2 play mat is the upgraded version of the original LilyPad play mat, which is supposed to be much more spacious at 56” x 56”, compared to the round LilyPad at 10” in diameter.

The LilyPad2 play mats also come in seven vibrant colors that are intended to match any lifestyle. The cushion design brings comfort, protection, and functionality when in use. It is claimed to be treated with a NanoSphere bath for liquid and stain-resistance, and it is washable and able to be tumbled dry with no heat.

 Nook Lily Pad/Lily Pad2 Play Mat

Product features: 

  • Price: USD 120.00 - USD240.00
  • Measurements: 40” diameter for Lilypad and 56” x 56” for LilyPad2
  • Core materials: Pete (a woven mesh-work of BPA-free recycled water bottles) covered in organic pebble material
  • Cover materials: Eucalyptus, organic cotton, zinc
  • Weight: 3lbs for LilyPad and 8lbs for LilyPad2
  • Multifunctional such as baby play mat, lawn seat, dog bed
  • Care instructions: Fold and snap mat pebble fabric side in; machine wash alone on a delicate cycle in cold water, with a mild detergent; tumble dry with no heat, or line dry
  • Made in USA
  1. Pilobebe Corki Play Mat

Pilobebe first introduced its Corkimat in 2013, and it is made with hypoallergenic paddling and a GOT-certified organic cotton cover.

The mat comes with a set of four, six, or nine tiles that can be easily connected by Velcro connectors, which makes it easy to stack or store. Pilobebe’s products are free of formamide, formaldehyde, flame retardants, PU, PVC, BPA, BPS, Phthalates, lead, and harmful VOCs.

The cover can be easily removed and machine washed if necessary.

 Pilobebe Corki Play Mat

Product features:

  • Price: USD193.00 – USD429.00
  • Measurements: 19” x 19” x 1” for lite version and appx. 24” x 24” x 1” for plus version
  • Core materials: Hypoallergenic polyester paddling
  • Cover materials: 100% GOT-certified organic cotton
  • Weight: 15oz for lite version and 1lbs 8oz for plus version
  • Multifunctional such as baby/kids play mat, headboard cushion, yoga mat
  • Care instructions: Machine wash separately in cold water, hang/flat dry only, do not tumble dry, no bleach, iron if needed
  • Made in USA
  1. Parklon Bubble Mat

Parklon has manufactured this household mat in Korea since 1993. The company is best known for making safe and extraordinary comfortable play mats for babies and toddlers.

The bubble mat is structured with multiple layers of fabric to create a cushion that is 1.2” thick. The core non-toxic materials are claimed to be tested and scientifically proven to be safe. It is ideal for newborn babies and up to do tummy time or to learn how to sit up while having good protection.

This mat is made with non-phthalate PVC, so any stains or spills can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth, saving time on housework.

You can occasionally refresh the playground just by flipping the double-sided colorful mat.

Parklon Bubble Mat

Product features: 

  • Price: USD239.99 – USD 369.99
  • Measurements: 7” x 55.1” x 1.2”
  • Core materials: Non-toxic, non-phthalate OVC or PE, and BPA-free
  • Multifunctional such as baby/kids play mat from 0-5yrs
  • Care instructions: Water-resistant and easy to clean up by wiping off stains or spills with a damp cloth
  • Made in Korea 
  1. Cream Haus Folding Play Mat

Cream Haus is another Korean manufacturer that makes play mats with non-toxic materials. The company’s products include folding mats, modular mats, bumper beds, and more. 

Cream Haus’s products go through very strict environmental and quality testing after each production. Every mat is proven to be free of hypoallergenic, PVC, BPA, Phthalate, formaldehyde, and skin irritation tested on humans. You can see the published test reports from ASTM(American Standards) and CE (European Standards)

The Folding Play Mat is the thickest among the mats in this article at 1.6” in size, and it is safe for newborn babies and up. They come in two sizes, 51” x 79” and 51” x 102”, and in beautiful pastel colors of either cream and pink or cream and blue.

 Cream Haus Folding Play mat

Product features:

  • Price: USD239.99 – USD289.99
  • Measurements: 51” x 79” x 1.6” and 51” x 102” x 1.6”
  • Core materials: Non-toxic PE foam, free of formamide, PVC, EVA, fire retardants and other VOCs
  • Cover materials: USDA-certified bio-based PU leather cover
  • Weight: 12lbs for the 79” length and 16lbs for the 102” length version
  • Uses: Baby play mat
  • Care instructions: Waterproof surface, wipe with wet or damp cloth
  • Made in Korea

Choosing eco-friendly products is a new trend, and I don't think it will ever grow old, especially when it comes to baby products.

Let us know what you think of these non-toxic play mats, and don’t forget to subscribe for more product reviews and tips!



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